Whooping Cough (featuring Gawdlee)

by Unorthodocks

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Arizona's Unorthodocks, Atlanta's Gawdlee and South Florida's Dr. LaFlow come together on the second single to Unorthodocks' upcoming project Natural Progression


[Gawdlee: Verse 1]

I was never blacklisted, I just avoided the parties and actresses
And it wasn't cause I was timid, more like horny and tactless
What a bastard; I'm sorry honey, really I'm a gentleman
It's just that when there's liquor and women I'm just a simple man
I swear I could make you switch up the tempo and
Convince you to show me how being loose is so simple ma'am
Mostly known to carry a six foot pole
The blade protruding from the sides looks like I just took souls
You should be nervous when you see it, cause you're the one who needs it
If you think every emcee's work and worth is fucking even
Just goes to show that every surface is deceiving
My actions leave them happy but my words could leave them bleeding
How does Hercules deal with a serpent trying to disturb the peace?
The same way I do, recite a line or a verse from me
It's like the perfect piece to puzzle, strapping these beasts with muzzle
I hope you could still see defeat when it's subtle just call me Deji

Yo, Docks

What up?

It's really too easy

I know what you're saying man, there's just no competition out here. That's why you and me got to do tracks with each other and actually challenge each other you know? Yo...

[Unorthodocks: Verse 2]

I wasn't awkward, I was outspoken at concerts
Opening for Broken Toms just hoping that my spoken psalms worked
At TUF I toughened up, chugging jugs instead of water
Til my head is hotter than a father when I met his daughter
Said "With this bread I got her she'll be wanting for nothing
So just look past the fact that I'm a vagabond ragamuffin"
The cracker just staggered back, I said "I'm get crackalacking
Shorty, be in the Cadillac after you grab the bag your packing"
I'm back in action, bagging fractions and acting dumb
Mind bending, leding, spending dollars as I'm stacking 'em
Packs of Backwoods and Dutches, leave the Swishers for the sweeties
Only roaches in the dishes we be ripping up your beedies
We be ripping up your treaties, I ain't ripping if it's seedy
I ain't riffing, I ain't raffing, I'm just rapping on a CD
I'm spitting graphic novels, when I drool it's cinematic
And I love this game too much to just let a beginner have it
Enigmatic, innovative, keep your shorty penetrated
Just to prove I demonstrated everything the pen has stated


released October 25, 2014
Lyrics/Rapping by Unorthodocks and Gawdlee
Produced by Dr. LaFlow
Mixed/Engineered by Matt Burmeister and Unorthodocks



all rights reserved


Unorthodocks Phoenix, Arizona

Unorthodocks is a biopic in pre-production

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