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The first track I did with Kontraversal way back in 2011. Artwork by Hayden Currie


[Verse 1]
I guess the texts was misinterpretted, now got no choice but work with it
I light hash and buy quads to bypass the hurt and shit
Take an eighth for wake and bake, from weight to shake I murdered it
A better way to waste a day then I aint ever heard of it
The phillies burning quick, better grab caterpie
When my homie aint home getting Matt mad at me
For the sack he handed me,
Gave him 90 in return and burned it with the family
Bump My Morning Jacket just long enough to pack it
Attack it, pass it back wit, a white bic to light hits
Of rapper's delight shit, sounds nice as a tight chick
I might spit bars and make a song hotter
Than whats in the bong water then resume the onslaught of
The slash and burn massacre, blast the herb fast as blurs
Rastas heard we sit back act absurd
(That was productive)
That's my word

[Verse 2]
Now Mary was there for me when no one else was
With her green lean body and her cute peach fuzz
That tickles when I kiss her, makes my throat go shaky
So I haven't even had time for other girls lately
I keep her laced in linen way we met in the beginning
But now she's even badder when I have her go swimming
Or heat her up slow, hit her quick with a whip
Lay her down in a leaf when I make the center split
With a chick this fly I got no time for others
And you can see, by how I don't rhyme for others
Sometimes brothers sympathize; I don't know why,
I love her but keep her under cover
Now a thick chick in a summer dress, with a set of stunning breasts, Would leave me unimpressed, none the less,
She keeps them in my thoughts which ironic,
They say that's what she rots
But I'll never stop, til the trees turn brown
My organic sweet honey won't be turned down


released August 17, 2012
Lyrics/Vocals: Unorthodocks
Production/Instrumental: Kontraversal
Mixing: Matt Burmeister



all rights reserved


Unorthodocks Phoenix, Arizona

Unorthodocks is a biopic in pre-production

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