Connie Hawkins (prod Dr. LaFlow)

by Unorthodocks

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I got a bag of agriculture as I watch a band of vultures
Drag my culture through the desert picking meat up off the soldier
Got the heat up on my shoulder, in the valley moving boulders
They say it's colder at night but I can't tell the difference
My Cold Vein made me sleep unwell as an infant
I was limping through high school but I guess that went away
I got a GED for everything I never meant to say
I got my 'rents rent to pay, they got a brand new Sub'
While I still fall short of hood rich by a grand of two
Can't expand hand to hand so what a man to do?
When no man's with your plan when you ran it through
Might end a warrior's career like Xanadu
Not with the hammers man, strictly with the stanzas dude
Goddamn, who planned to let this damn bonanza through?
Implanted with adamantium, you xannying crews
Ain't zany, just insanely samey, now pay me my dues
When I slay these rap tracks caps and craniums ooze
Couldn't find an iller animal in Iranian zoos
Inhaling uranium daily til it's scaly and blue
I'm iller than a Palestinian-Israeli dispute
I'm iller than militaries killing and burring youths
And I ain't sharing the trees if we ain't sharing the roots
But there's no holds barred on what I share in the booth
Idiots invite ignorance in and glare at the truth
My style's unorthodox, like the way Marion shoot
Carrying loot and I don't got a care in the world
Gonna break off a little piece that I can share with my girl
Never rest like the Middle East and she don't care if it's plural
I'ma act a fool and break your backboard; Darrel Dawkins
You ain't got shit to say then you should feel embarrassed talking
Any beat you hear the kid getting on, he's rocking
Til I'm in that fire city ring of honor; Connie Hawkins


released January 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Unorthodocks Phoenix, Arizona

Unorthodocks is a biopic in pre-production

All music is free to play and download but donations are noticed and appreciated.
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