Natural Pro Sessions

by Unorthodocks

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Natural Progression is Unorthodocks phantom debut LP that has been in production since his debut mixtape "Bedroom Tapes Vol. 1" in 2013 but Natural Progression has faced various delays in this time. This mixtape contains 10 tracks that have also been recorded during the Natural Progression recording sessions making these "The Natural Pro Sessions" and is to serve as a "sorry for the wait" until Natural Progression is ready for release.
You can find singles from Natural Progression "Whooping Cough" and "Heads Or Tails" to the right under "releases".


released April 20, 2015

Track one produced by Karavelo, track 3 produced by Fox Galaxy, track 6 produced by Dr. LaFlow, track 7 produced by Noah Rime$, track 8 produced Carnivorous Hank, track 10 produced by Frankie Lee

Karavelo (
Fox Galaxy (
Dr. LaFlow (
Noah Rime$ (
Frank E Lee (

Track 2 instrumental courtesy of "Mighty Healthy" by Ghostface Killah produced by The RZA, track 4 sampled from Jonwayne's "Blaq Prussian", track 10 samples "Intro" from Group Home's self titled album produced by DJ Premier and is inspired by Jay Electroinca's "Jazzmattazz" track

Executive Producer: Matt Burmeister

Engineered and Mixed by: Matt Burmeister
(addition mixing by Unorthodocks)

All lyrics and vocals are written by and performed by Unorthodocks and are his sole intellectual property

Recorded 2014-2015 in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona using a Mac Book equipped with Ableton Live 9 and a Blue Yeti USB Microphone



all rights reserved


Unorthodocks Phoenix, Arizona

Unorthodocks is a biopic in pre-production

All music is free to play and download but donations are noticed and appreciated.
I just hope you enjoy the music and will show a friend

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Track Name: Lay Down And Just Write
Stephen Hawking couldn't comprehend the depth
Of what lies inside my mind and I design with every breath
Shakespeare couldn't hold a pen like me
One like breaks illiterates, obliterates his syche
Let me reiterate, inseminate your wifey
Slayed tracks from styles from laid back to hyphy
Yes I've made stacks, no Maybachs or icey
Pricey Rollies, no he couldn't care slightly
What you aspire to, I retire to nightly
I recognize that and I don't take it lightly
I just set my sights at a higher height B
"Could it be that you're just so much flyer yo?"
Might be
Never been hired, never been fired
Never been tired, desired or secretly admired
I play a social spectator here to collect data
Crunch digits into lyrics that I store to catch wreck later
Dismantle your philosophy in a split second
Could give a damn about what an upper class twit reckon
I'll have you reborn in a mere moment
It's clear you're no opponent for the Arizonan ronin
Getting caught up in my zone leads to serotonin depletion
Known to leave a legion pleading at the feet of the Phoenician
As you're leaching off the genius tryna feed off my secretion
My rhyme feats are prime meat, you small potatas
Still yelling we the greatest, give a fuck if y'all debate us
Call as haters, we just acknowledge what's factual
These other dudes rap, I write tracks that impact you all
Every bar calculated, styles amalgamated
Compiled algorithms in files that I created
Drove miles sedated on an unpaved road
In an unbuilt city but I still paid tolls
The God laid scrolls for mere mortals to learn from
As I lean back with a green quarter and burn one
The rap black quarterback, white emcee rapping
On any night sure to sack your first string captains
I'm the worst thing to happen to rap since major labels
The same ones that made you the rage and staged your fables
You never paid dues, all you did was pay your way
So when I'm rocking open mics you'll be rocking pay-to-play
Stopalking, who cares who says you rocks it hard?
Your arms are too short to trade blows with Docks the God
Sure you can rhyme fine but next mine your flows sub-par
You cats are Primetimes; close but no cigar

I forget better rhymes than you've written on the daily
You could find me in the cut rolling trees, hitting Bailey's
Sitting at an obtuse angle; the rap mongoose
Slay snakes in the booth whenever I let a song loose
I heard you got strong juice, let me water you down
Lay a verse down and slaughter all of you clowns
My domes cauterized from when I soldered the crown
Not a wise guy was found in any part of the town
Trying to step, they fall back like "Docks started it now!"
Crowds gather around and peep the marvelous sound
I'm a modern Quasimodo on a mission like Frodo
Easily stepping over you fake lyrical Toto's
While you take photos in mirrors I'ma shatter your vanity
Hand written notepad full of utter insanity
Manhandling Hannity's, yo I'm more like a Kennedy
Making magic with profanities and other obscenities
You can keep your paid packages and other amenities
I'm independent to death just like a desert anemone
Hundred percent of enemies can't mess with me mentally
Testing the message I'm sending through the net and through Fenopy
Like the venomous centipede that it is before it strikes
I'm just trying to get love, give a fuck about the likes
Tuck the bud up in my Nikes, hit the strip once or twice
Get dropped back at the crib, lay down and just write