Bedroom Tapes Vol 1

by Unorthodocks

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My first collection of tracks that I recorded when I was 15. This was my first attempt at recording a project and was a learning experience in taking my rhymes from paper to wax. Was also used as a demo to recruit producers for my upcoming album Natural Progression. Take a listen to see where this Unorthodocks shit started, while you're waiting for Natural Progression to drop.


released May 25, 2013

Lyrics, Rapping: Unorthodocks
Engineering, Mixing: Kopirat
Production: Karamel Kel, Fresh Fruits, Kopirat, Kontraversal, Michael Hannan
Beats used: ”New York" by 9th Wonder, "Candy Razors" by J-Zone and the outro to "Between Friends" by Captain Murphy/Flying Lotus



all rights reserved


Unorthodocks Phoenix, Arizona

Unorthodocks is a biopic in pre-production

All music is free to play and download but donations are noticed and appreciated.
I just hope you enjoy the music and will show a friend

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Track Name: Freddie Foxxx (Prod. 9th Wonder)
It's the youngest lynguists coming with the stunning english
Tongue and fingers in your broad's heart performing cunnilingus
Make her soul cum, heard of a full atman orgasm?
Your whore has 'em, like full body with even more spasms
Your whore'll report she's at my fort for oral support
Don't be a poor sport cuz I store more in the shorts
Or try to quarrel in court or this war'll be short
Stupid ass, shooting back at the Lord with mortal retorts
It's Unorthodocks, opposite of Freddie Foxxx
Get ready I'm coming jetti with the medi on my socks
He said he turn the petty into confetti when he rocks
Never freezing even when the cops steady many glocks
Invest in my penny stocks, use them as building blocks
To be a bandcamp billionaire soon as my album drops
But, talent flops even if your boy's styling hot
Dope beats with a dome piece deep as Alan Watts
I'm wilding with violent thoughts more vile than Stalingrads
But I just smile and nod cuz meenwhile I'm piling wads
I write and turn socialites to introverts instantly
So cats of soft consistancy are falling off consistnantly
Track Name: Poetic Symphony (Prod. Karamel Kel)
Man, all you new rhymers fail, it's embarrassing
On the mic you two timers pale in comparison
To the ivory, Iri, highly praised stylee
Of Audiofyle and white Boots Riley
No hashtag, swag raps slapped with cute smileys
Or heart dotted I's in your fly guy diaries
Now it's hard to tell lame rappers from paid actors
More respect for cassettes when ya tapes played backwards
...But that's kinda outta date
It's the guy who's always high but gets by without a plate
Teeny boppers doubt and hate cuz it's the right amount of great
Uttered over utterly buttery beats and countless breaks
Baked off an once of shake when I ditched classes
Couldn't stand to be awake around their bitch asses
Switch stashes soon as the snitch harasses
Cut your losses and don't ever pitch fastest
Slow and steady wins the race when you're on the outside
And before you're robbed naked don't make it about pride
You cats shout lies but done it long and loud enough
But still you're crew'll never be as strong and proud as us
You take pride in the payoff as apposed to product
What kind of example's that for those being brought up?
Worse than each one on the AIMS writing benchmark
So we can teach son how to say it right then smart
The pen start to embark on them charts and stemmed art
Fend thoughts that spend lots, pretend heart still exists
Cuz it still beats and pumps blood to fill his wrists
But how ill is this? These battles with terrors
Received a D minus due to frequent grammatical errors
Track Name: Little Syllables (Prod. Fresh Fruits)
I scribble little syllables to unforgettable beats
The spit'll riddle you hittin' your head middle and feet
Animal instinct and I been thinking of ripping mics
Spitting like Stinkmeaner, think cleaner than hittin' dykes
Never though! Sever those Joe Schmo's with clever flows
Who better knows how settle foes and pedal o's?
Get a load of the game starring lame centerfolds
Showing raw emotion, at least that's what the men are told
With this pen I hold I my ink flow is plentiful
Now available anywhere that henna's sold
I need beats the way a rough day need an L
Or how a dead broke smoke head need weed to sell
More rhyme tracks than dime sacks on deck
That's more quarters in my quarters than stored in collect
Scored the respect of peers when his jaw first dropped
Had em begging for more when the raw verse stopped
Well keep egging em on, you might see a sequel
Hitting the ink will leave you like you drink still water
And will slaughter any crew or clique
My styles like an old dog that learned new tricks
And burn through two bics a day like Bill Hicks
The lyrics alone let me thrill and fill chicks
Make noise like Skrillex but done more artfully
Been rhyming a long time before you had a heart for me
You start to see parallels between yourself and I
So I'll commit suicide so I could try and help you die
C'mon pussy it's only a squeeze away
You ain't had an easy day so you take the easy way?
Fuck that, I ain't going out like no punk
Your flow flunk, close but no dunk, it stunk
Hearing how you roast o's of skunk and get drunk
Even kept the charade up once your net sunk
Get crunk in my vicinity catch a back hand
Bet shrunk guys mimic me on batch of tracks man
But they're wack and gimmicky
They lack the imagery and energy of any g enemy they pretend to be
Send to me the men of the hour and some Remy
A semi, no need for trees or flowers, we got plenty
You know your man's faster than Walt White on cross-draw
Card night disaster, blaster was the boss dog
Crossed off the list and carry on to the next,
Bomb a set cuz your man's very strong with text
Not so much longhand I do gotta say
You can catch the strong man at fifty-two and Monterey
And if you came through I bet you'd wanna stay
Get blown in my home away from home all day
Like Wale I got the ambition to be self made
And by that I mean self respected not well paid
Twelve shades blacker than ya wacker favorite rapper
Attack a backer smack her til there lack of tracks of
His laughter on intro and then go for more
Til Drake, Wayne and Nicki Minaj won't record
And then we all can score and take back the game
And be original not make tracks the same
Over and over again regurgitated
Just be happy this rapper emerged and made it
All while faded as old clothes, gold flows
Keep me hated and underrated as old pro's
That never did blow but know to rock a show
Talk a flow that got ya hoe in tropical
Islands, but I didn't say that my pockets swoll
Cuz they're not and they probably never be
But that's heavenly cuz no one ever be ahead of me
And if they are they best check their rear view steadily
I'll be doing better speed pedal to metal B
Track Name: Hip-Hop Savant (Prod. J-Zone)
When I'm not feeling your rapping I'm illing and scrapping
Killing and capping the wack and acting back packing
Clap accurately, pull back the back of your meat
Clack at the passengers seat on that black Acura lease
Then snatch up your piece and your favorite rappers release
The one frontin on the front cover with dracula teeth
Distracting the street acting like he's packing the heat
When it's a known fact that no cat is macking as me
Andre Agassi on beats acing cats, disgracing cats
Whole place save face when I lay waste to cats
I roll with about eight interracial abrasive cats
That leave you traced pavement if you hasten black
From Mesa to Payson I blaze J's adjacent
To the jake station with no medi certification
I'll drop this Friday the thirteenth, end up murdering Jason
Or on MLK day as I'm watching Birth Of A Nation
Any person that's hating's perverse and perpetrating
Or the verse is a prefect example of misinterpretation
At first impersonation turn words worse than Satan
When what you're regurgitating isn't even worth replacing
You feel this nervous sensation, your heart's pace is racing
Cuz you'll catch a case after this chase in Pike's Basin
When this mic's placed in my hand, take your life in yours
Plus your whole career's already on life support
Well, life's a trifle short, let's fill it with rifle sports
Wild on arrival and try to pile up rival courts
Then lies distort each sides reports so in a sly retort with my support
Huey, Bobby and I tie dyed the fort my guys import
Portland weed and important seeds
With such potent tree I'd never fuck with popouri
Poetry from Unorthodocks the dope emcee
Busting fast slow flows to get your hoes open B
I hope its free, the CD's that is
And even if not you'll take a freesteez as is
Saying "Please teach the kids with the ease Jesus did!"
He hit his knees and slid right before Visa slid
But no fees is hid you'll exactly as promised
Standing six oh with sick soul and acne, the honest
To god bombest in backstreets on Thomas, responses
From everyone and their mommas about how ill the hip-hop savant is
Track Name: Anorexic (Prod. Flying Lotus)
I was born next to the krills and ecstasy pills
Exiting still life real trife expecting to fill
My loaded quota of misadventures, in dark trenches, park benches
Are my office space of late marked with narc stenches
And waiting on customers I'd sit and reflect
On the bonuses to my quota I didn't expect
Like two suicidal friends and new arrivals send
Plenty of other self destructive motherfuckers who knew they're lives'll end
Trifling parents bearing down and sharing how
Their totalitarian upbringing's apparent now
Tryna keep glasses full has got me truly dehydrated
It don't take the lens of truth for you to see I hate it
Cuz every time I fill it someone comes along to spill it
And illegitimately pittin' me to hear and heal it
Fearing realists, stare in mirrors but never steering clear its
Our dearest lyricist, here is his ears hearing spirits
Of past and present, past eleven blasting seven
Grams of grass that's his heaven
Fasting due to stress not religion are you kidding? That's a given
I'll probably be anorexic for as long my ass is living
Track Name: Asbestos (Prod. Kopirat)
You seem a little nervous on the mic son, you sure stutter
While I come with the pure butter to lubricate your clutter
Rejuvenate skin with hymns of the funky freshness, test this
Crafted with lemongrass and just a dash of asbestos
Como estas? I ain't seen your name on the guest list
So take a step back before you step next to the bestest
Lyricist in the vicinity isn't he a sight to behold?
These are bars at fifteen imagine what he writes when he's old
His writing's like fighting Mike Tyson in cold
You can find him on Bandcamp with pricing in bold
More nice tracks than cellular devices can hold
I strip radio rappers of both their ice and their gold
They're cheesing slicing the mould, I'm cracking the mold
Grind only the nicest trees when a Backwood is rolled
But won't spark it anywhere Khalifa platinum is sold
I slapped him, clapped him had him quit rapping and fold
What happened to rap? What happened to tracks with a purpose?
When manhood wasn't contingent on the on the engine you purchased
Who cares what your merch is selling when every verse is dwelling
In the swelling right side of every persons melon
Fuck your tape! And any purse it fell in, I'll snatch it
In front of badges if they catch it I blast the ratchet
Then burry the hatchet when I put axes through the latches
On your casket and I ask your widow if I can smash it
Track Name: XYLO (Prod. Kontraversal)
[Verse 1]
My room when I'm vaping looks like ninja escaping
With my SP in my hand cuz life hinders on making
Ground breaking records the type the type to make ya neck hurt
And make your motherfucking party flip like Arlen Spector
I got a teen dope fiend queen and I respect her
I do my best to protect her but she detests when I lecture
Next year I'll be outty in a stolen audi R8
Not to return til sheriff Joe's rolling out of our state
And Jan Brewer was in truth unpleasant to me
So I ran through to ask for proof of residency
She answered hesitantly that she left em in her den
So she spent the night in the pen without a kite from a friend
What I'm writing in pen eternally scars
So your unborn kids are already learning these bars
Turning these hard times into rhymes with dimes assistance
The big heads could feel it and the absent minded missed it
I'm kinda pissed at Ye for making swagger like us
Cuz now all cats can say is how "y'all ain't got swagger like us"
Its staggering stuff how these fags brag and they bluff
Hash tag beefing for reasons that ain't even enough
To earn an evil eye, I live in a palindrome
It ain't feet on a fly whip when I say the talon's chrome
Talents thrown off my ego we throw toes of eagles
At mediocre jokers with flows they know is feeble

[Verse 2]
When the teen's mean he leaves a mystery scene
Cleans his mic and twists a fist of crystally green
Then would light the bleez with an old broken zippo
Igniting trees taking his smoke in hits yo
Pistol on my right hip, I put it in a mic clip
On stand, I sit tight, see if ya might slip
This is not the night for non lyrical hype clicks
But the type who write, Cal Hights to Islip
With more spit than a page get
Making the game rage quit
I'm beating asses, feeding the masses teaching the basics
Something ain't heard in ages a new cat with a silver tongue
Its some 90s babies from AZ thats really ill for once
Never used a filler once and and the kid'll kill for blunts
A verbal assassin all of y'all be looking templar
Get subdued on the opening and murdered by the tenth bar
And for videos we never hire hoes or rent cars
Spent far too much of your advance on the visual
But its sad you'll probably make it back on the residuals
Pitiful. The difference tween individuals minimal
Yet these losers become the winners in thinner intervals
Catch me in the pool with a centerfold genitals
Send her a full o cuz my medical is plentiful
Track Name: Rehearsal (Prod. Michael Hannan)
[Verse 1]
I wrote this poem alone smoking bones in broken homes
Going over domes hope the vocal tone'll get this local known
The verbal Yoko Ono break a crew then make em split
The pro's flow'll get your hoe taken like vacant whips
These other faking cliques shit's caked in bacon bits
This motherfucker Wiz? I'm baked and I can't take his shit
Seems like he's replacing adjacent Clay Aiken hits
Each station has metro cats that rap about shaking it
I'm hating them or the fact that they rake it in
Just sayin after waiting ten, then what will we make of them
Will they stay in rotation when they are aging men
Will what they say be played back and played again
Or will they out just as fast as they faded in
Cuz they aren't part of the culture theyre just the latest trend
Obeyed the winds cuz it was cold against their naked skin
But pressure shifted now theyre drifting tryna make amends

[Verse 2]
He lays clichés, the album's made in three days
A one and done, hit and run with none of the replay
Collecting dust talking bout how his tech'll bust
His lack of respect for us, the checks that he gets and just
His general attitude, self proclaimed battle dude
When no one stepped to you or even knew you to rattle you
But in every wack track you act like you're infallible
And what you claim you came to the game with is invaluable
When you paddled through in that kanu made a recycle bin
Asking why beat junkies hyping off of your vicoden
Til they spike the mic you see tikes to the likes of them
When michaels been in the lab and I grab the pad the strike the pen
Dead it son its said and done before we edit one
Bar or note a the horror show is imbedded on reddits front page
A sage at young age, front stage at curtain call
Thanks I know the verse was raw but that was just rehearsal y'all